100+ Real Projects In JavaScript & ReactJS & ReactNative

The best way to learn the programming language is to Learn By Doing.

Each project will affect the world, none of the projects are like a timepass.

This are the list of 134++ Projects Which you can make out for Javascript & ReactJS & ReactNative, OR any other Technology/Programming Language You like to use.

Types of projects


  • Google Workspace
  • VScode
  • Google Chrome



4.Website & app (most website can convert to apps & vice versa)

5.Windows/MacOS software (react native)

So, Let's Get Started, Here is the list

  1. website: Make and release the first Demo Website (also App) Note: It takes your mood, not much time to learn anything — app dev. With React Native
  2. Website for Blog Writing
  3. Internet Speed Test
  4. Typing Speed Test
  5. Google Forms To Chatbot converter
  6. https://reqres.in upgraded
  7. Currency Exchange
  8. Temp-Mail
  9. URL shortener
  10. Random Quote
  11. Games API (SteamDB,RAWG,GameDB)
  12. WordCouch(as like google word couch)
  13. Google gravity & Space
  14. Image resizer
  15. Img & video formate changer
  16. Anywhere Door (Earth, Universe)
  17. Shot.in URL shortener :: shot.in?n=2qe4LinkNo (Use Firebase-Database ,not Firebase-Firestore)
  18. Festi.in : Wish festivals with links and name .e.g.- festi.in?f=holi2&n=name
  19. Cryptonia (about cryptocurrency)
  20. Chat3000 (A chat app)
  21. News (With API)
  22. weather (use API)
  23. Website Builder
  24. Open Blog — Blog Open for all Writer (upgrade Medium.com)
  25. CodeInMobile (DB, Snippets, Run, Keyboard-ToCode, and links to learn)
  26. Quiz Maker
  27. SearchOn (search at amazon, Flipkart….etc. in one go)
  28. SearchOn2 (Quora+Stack+dev)
  29. SearchOn3(on ur selected sites)
  30. Audio Writer (write an ebook with audio)
  31. Audio Coder (write HTML CSS js bootstrap-4 firebase → all with just audio of yours)
  32. Affiliation.link (upgraded affiliation.watch)
  33. ArtHub (For Artists to show their talents openly)
  34. Animo (birds, animals, plants voice, disease, medicine, and info detection)
  35. Chemio (Cloud Database needed → it tells and stores chemical reactions) e.g. C+O2→ CO2 OR CO3…etc.
  36. Agro (for farmer)
  37. Search Engine (google’s search API)
  38. Science Behind Cultures
  39. Meanings of religious Books
  40. Bus Tracker (with Rahul)
  41. Mobile Launchers
  42. Music
  43. Scientific Calculator
  44. Music Maker & Uploader (All In Mobile → Guitar, Piano, Tabla etc. can download and edit more tones) → upload to view by all.
  45. Games -testing game
  46. Trex-upgrade,
  47. 2048,
  48. sudoku,
  49. cube 3D,
  50. castle defense,
  51. temple run,
  52. chess,
  53. RocketToSky
  54. TiriPasa
  55. Ludo
  56. BubberShooter
  57. CandyCrush
  58. Make the first API in GCP: real testing, more APIs given below
  59. ChatBot Maker (Firebase) → Learn Code, Amazon, Real Person Chatbot
  60. Store Data (If permitted) → WeatherHistory, Crypto-rates
  61. Whole Website Scrapper (with options of JS, IMG, video, or the whole site)
  62. Website data scrappers → (go through 10+ websites and scrap some particularly useful data)
  63. Smart Search Bot — Google (Open first 10 links and got headings — commons)
  64. Centralized System (upload img+video+text To youtube, website, social media in one click)
  65. Trading Bots (Crypto, Metal, Company, Web/app)
  66. Auto Freelancers (search doc converters, audio to text — etc. simple works and works automatically if u can make then it's good)
  67. Search and make first social media bot(make ~10 Useful bots for each media given below)
  68. Whatsapp
  69. Facebook
  70. Instagram
  71. Twitter
  72. Discord
  73. Github
  74. Dev community
  75. Medium
  76. Quora
  77. Stack Overflow
  78. Wikipedia-bot
  79. — more- any social media
  80. Learn & make First VSCode Extanctions, now make VScode Extanctions given below
  81. CodeRunners (C/C++,python,NodeJS)
  82. Code Abstractor (abstract code of Bootstrap, JQuery, AngualrJs, etc. to pure codes)
  83. SCSS to CSS, .pub to HTML
  84. Bootstrap-4 to Pure CSS-JS
  85. TimeDev (smart graph-circle-% of Code) programming language & Projects
  86. NodeJS API Tester
  87. MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL helpers for NodeJS
  88. Snippets (of Firebase, Bootstrap4, AWS, WordPress etc.)
  89. Own Icon (icons of different languages : )
  90. Upgrade “Own Icon”(U can make icons and use them for your own VSCode, Can Upload for all in the website..)
  91. Snippets Maker (u can make snippets — as per u want)
  92. Crome Extanctions : Learn to make and release first Chrome extensions, more extanctions given below
  93. TimeTeller : how much time you spent on which site & total time on crome
  94. Smart Bookmarks
  95. Affiliators note
  96. Code Formatter (.css .html .scss .json)
  97. Security Checker & Ads Blocker (HTTPS, Google Adsense, AmazonAds)
  98. Developers Smart Bookmarks — Proper Categorization (self-made icons and names)
  99. Screen+Voice recorder → Editor (Basic Edits)
  100. Console — Upgrade (ctrl+shift+I)
  101. API Testing (NodeJS)
  102. Calculator-Note
  103. Website Quality, Tech & Loading Speed Measure
  104. Links Abstractor (of the website) → not in header OR footer → In Selected Areas
  105. Current Page + Whole Website Downloader → Settings (Options — Img, Vid…)
  106. Color (Color teller + Theme color Teller(smart upgrade))
  107. TimePass (Convert Site into Trex, Sudoku, Eater, etc. As Much u want to download -options)
  108. Ads On-Page (Smart + Source-Income) 1.It Shows GoogleAds on the footer of every page (Bottom:0; position: fixed) 2.Shows Amazon Ads/Products When Search on amazon for any products 3.Include Udemy courses etc.
  109. AdsOnPage(Upgrade):: Anyone can put links of Adsence and Amazon So that u can earn simply by adding just a link : )
  110. Upgrade AdsOnPage :: Video Ads without sounds in the corner. (video ads pay more)
  111. MyNotes :: Simple Notes Upgrade
  112. Auto Start — NodeJS bot (Run it automatically, so that don't need to host it anywhere e.g.-JobScrappers,) → Show Graph, circle, %, etc. for Bots results
  113. Google Workspace Extinctions — first test extension
  114. Convert spreadsheet to a chatbot
  115. Affiliation links shortcuts
  116. Grammarly type something
  117. Database switcher
  118. Random password generator for spreadsheet column for each lists name
  119. Google Chrome extensions
  120. Black theme
  121. 10minMail
  122. Ads blocker
  123. Https security and virus (cache checker, Cookies)
  124. Script.google.com bots
  125. Make 10 projects then do 10 projects at freelancing sites.
  126. Test/first Windows App with React
  127. Video-Audio recorder & editor
  128. Big calculator
  129. Typing master
  130. Sketch Draw
  131. Code Runner (online & downloadable)
  132. Affiliation maintainer
  133. Website Grabber/Scrapper (with settings- IMG., full site, etc.)
  134. Youtube bots >> for the channel, to get a timer, comments proper formate, etc.

You may (I suggest you to) use these technologies for making projects:-

→MaterialUI (In react) & Bootstrap 5 (In Pure JS/ReactJS/ReactNative)

→Firebase (Good+Free+Easy Cloud Service for hosting+Database+APIs etc.)


→ReactJS (For Website)

→ReactNative (For Android/IOS/Desktop apps)

→ Animated Icons (https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery https://www.flaticon.com/, https://icons8.com/icons, https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baseline)

→Adobe (Optional — for creating images, animated videos on the website)

Also, if you want more projects then go to any freelancing site OR learn something new out of the field of programming, so that you can connect it with coding. e.g.- history, physics, chemistry, math, society, money, music, dance, any outdoor/indoor game, etc.

Have fear, but fear should be not of gaining, but of losing.

These are the projects I have decided to make, I’m publishing it today just because “I want to generate fear of finishing these projects by someone else before me”.

If u finished all projects, please reply, and give the GitHub repository OR youtube link of projects. I will be first Jealous, then learn from you. (Be Jealous is good when its effect is good and it doesn’t harm anyone)



I'm a developer and my work is development

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