Full-Stack Web Developer

A Full Stack Web Developer is the person who is eligible to make both, Frontend and Backend parts of the website. In simple words, A Full Stack Developer is the one who can handle both Client and Server-side programming.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • Parts Of Website

Parts Of Website

The website is made up of two parts, the Frontend, and Backend. The frontend is the part of a website that a user sees and interacts with, It helps the user to interact and understand the website properly, The programming of this part is also called Client-side programming. It includes everything which you see on any website. E.g.-Navigation Bar ,Slideshow ,Text ,Photos ,Images ,Videos, Footer etc.

The Backend is the hidden part of the website, the users don’t need to know about it, so it’s all processing happens behind the scenes. E.g.- submission of forms in databases, sending of chats from your mobile to your friend’s mobile, storage of any image in a particular storage device in servers, etc.

Frontend Web Developer

A Frontend web developer is the person who makes the frontend part of any website. The Languages used for coding the frontend part are:-

  • HTML — HyperText Markup Language

Also, most of the time developers use any good Javascript Library OR Framework like Angular, React, JQuery, Express, Vue, etc. Some programmers also use Preprocessors like SASS(for CSS) ,pub (for HTML) etc. Such new technologies help to build the website faster and bring the website to the next level.

Backend Web Developer

A Backend Web Developer is the one who handles the background incidents of any website, in other words, the person who handles the database management system of a website is called a Backend Web Developer. The backend of the website can be made by many programming languages and many different types of databases are available to store data. The common Languages used for backend programming are:-

You can use any language for the backend, as per your comfort and practice. Also, some of the top database used for storing data of the website are:-

Full-Stack Developer

A Full Stack Web Developer is the one who has the ability to handle the whole website including the frontend and backend part which is also known as client-side and server-side programming respectively. The last thing you need to be a Full Stack developer is Hosting, You must know to host a website at any hosting services like Hostinger, GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc.

That’s all.

For all, If you can make the frontend and backend by any language you are comfortable with, then you are a Full Stack Developer.

Are you a Full Stack Developer

If you make the website without touching the codes,e.g.-With the help of any website maker Tool/s like Blogger, Wix, WordPress, etc. then you will not be considered as a Full Stack Developer. This is because the website is not actually made by you, you have just used someone else code to make the website.

hope you understood the meaning of Full Stack Developer.

Happy Codings : )



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