How to overcome laziness in Life

  1. Money
  2. Fame
  3. Love
  4. Fear
  5. Knowledge (not books)


  • make money by social media. e.g.- affiliate the apps you use, post useless videos, maintain others social media, etc.
  • Go out to market to buy home’s groceries, take whatever money left.
  • Invest money you have, even $1 is enough.
  • Investing money takes 10 minute in first time, and 10 seconds at second time.
  • Its more easier than go out 1 km in shop and buy coke, chips or go to cinema.



  • (optional): make a girlfriend. It will require money and time, so you will search for “how to earn enough to buy gift for girlfriend” and
  • I know you don’t care parents now. and not want to help mom in her works. So, just watch her for whole day, observe her, what she is doing for whole day. That’s all.
  • Go in poor places, take photo that you are donating $1.
  • Go to roadside, take video of “you are helping someone”


  • Compare yourself with famous lazy peoples and your popular friends. It will make you fear, and you will work more.
  • Post What you want to do, and make live video on it. It will make you Fear to be ashamed if you don’t completed whatever you said


  • After 10B years, sun will die and earth will finished
  • Calculate how much Mobile data you have left today (Math without books)
  • What is trending, not just movie or cinema, on other things.
  • don’t care fools. Don’t compare yourself with fools. You should know Who is Fool and who is not.
  • Calculate Life : you should know how much time you have and what can you do in it
  • Go out alone sometime, work in a group sometime. It will improve knowledge sometime.
  • Read Books and listen to podcast.
  • know about what is going out in world
  • know where you live in universe and what you have done today.



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Aakash Singh Rajput

Aakash Singh Rajput

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