How to overcome laziness in Life

Hello lazy fellow, I will fill energy in you to make you rich, productive, and topper without working so hard.

I will not say: wake up at 4.00, read books, or exercise. I will just make you productive. It means you will find yourself working on something, and feel confident in life.

I know you are lazy, so I have made this blog short and sweet : )

There are 5 reasons for anyone to work hard:-

  1. Money


  • make money by social media. e.g.- affiliate the apps you use, post useless videos, maintain others social media, etc.

That’s all. Once you start earning and handling money, you will automatically feel shame to take money from parents. Now parents will never scold you even when u are sleeping till 9.00


Social media is not a place to be famous, its a place to know what you have.

When you start showing something to social media and don’t get enough likes and comments, you will start finding WHY?

This WHY will bring you to the analytics.

Congraths. you are learning ”Statisticswithout Math book.

Just keep it in mind : To be famous, u need to work something better then others. This mindset will push you to work something better, something new from others.


Feeling are so powerful, If you CARE peoples, you will work hard.

  • (optional): make a girlfriend. It will require money and time, so you will search for “how to earn enough to buy gift for girlfriend” and

I know you don’t care them now, but it will build habit of helping + make you popular : )

One day you will help even when you don’t have camera.


  • Compare yourself with famous lazy peoples and your popular friends. It will make you fear, and you will work more.


  • After 10B years, sun will die and earth will finished

Nothing builds without hard work, I had lied in beginning of this blog because I know your lazy mindset.



I'm a developer and my work is development

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