How To Regain interest in coding

With time and working under pressure, we lost interest in learning and coding with our mood. Here are some ways you can regain interest in coding:

Take Break, Find a Silence Place

Take a break from office life, and rent a silent, peaceful room. Now code whatever you like, learn whatever you are interested in. It's just 3–4 months, so you may not need much savings.

Don’t copy-paste for now

One of the reasons why people lost interest in coding is: they copy-paste codes all the time without understanding codes, then after a day, they are unable to update codes or remove errors, due to this, many peoples lose interest in coding. So, to regain interest, code this time without copy-paste.

Challenges and Hackathons

Coding algorithm challenges and hackathons can regain interest, as you can skip the challenges and hackathons which are above your mind, not like company, where you are pressurized to do what you don’t like or understand. Move step by step, from simple to complex coding stuff.


Do the work you know you can do. And keep improving the complexity of projects step by step. By this process, you can get confidence that “Yes, I can code, and complete the projects I taken without copy-pasting”. Why not copy-paste: “to learn and be interested”. I think copy-paste reduces interest in coding and doesn’t develop logical/coding skills.

Self Projects

Make the project you always wish to make. Not for selling, not for earning, just make the project because you like the project.

Clear others doubts

Write Stack Overflow answers, it will tell you what your coding skills are and how much the world needs you. You can help real coders with real problems, not like the problems: “how to start coding” or some useless doubts.



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