Is copy pasting codes all the time is bad

YES it is bad to copy paste code ALL THE TIME.


According to my resume : I have 2 years of coding experience in many companies, made many websites with HTML CSS JS NextJS Firebase Vercel etc.

But according to me “I can’t make the codes of an animated responsive Navbar, I only copy paste those codes yet”

I know Our college project is copy paste of someone’s GitHub project, but I lied with confidence to teachers and all that : “we have made this project in 1 month after a lot of hard work and planning”.

I don’t feel I’m a coder because I only edit TEXT part, not code part. so how I can call myself a coder ?

I plan many times to learn coding, read docs and take algo-challenges 2hr/day to be better coder. But, I’m not doing it yet : (

Copy paste codes is not bad, but thieving someone’s project and say “its my project” is bad.

If you are a web developer, then copy pasting codes of whole website without adding a single line of CSS or JS by yourself is bad.

If you work in python, then making whole projects with PIP Libraries by copy pasting those coded of PyPI codes, by only adding TEXT part, not coding part is bad.

if u read some codes first time then write it by your own, understand, give it hours of time. Understand how it works, and what I can upgrade in it.

so that on second time u understood those codes, This is the time when u should copy paste to save time and brain efforts.

Else your will be a 10 year experienced senior software developer of FAANG who don’t know to make a simple animation by his own, who can’t make any logic or solve real problems. Just empty from inside.

I don’t feel proud of my coding skills, when i see myself in mirror I see a lier, who lies to eevryone that “this project is made by me”, and i say to myself “Its a copy paste of someones github, i just have added TEXT part, not coding part in it”.

In mirror: there is a greedy person working just for money, have a lot of confidence, but no true skills, have Btech CSE degree but no knowledge of subjects. I don’t want to see the mirror like this. I want to change myself.

I want to be a developer, who develop something, who CREATE something new, something useful for society, not a copy paster type person, who keep copy pasting codes for just money, for just Boss for lifetime, and end with a lot of lies to a lot of peoples.

In beginning of coding journey, if u made first 10 ugly looking insecure project by yourself, without copy pasting, by writing all CSS — JS and backend codes by yourself, given months of time to understand logics of it, then on next 100 projects, u will be able to make standard codes. Yes, you may got errors, u may copy paste some codes. but the core coding is done by you. The project made will be standard and unique after 1 year. Its animation, backend will show your hard work. You will not be a lier , u will be proud of person u see in mirror. The projects will be yours and only yours, not of someone on github.

I wish to be like this.

Do u also ?

Today, mirror says : “You are a lier, a fearful person”

After an year I want to say to mirror: “I don’t lie now, Last 10 projects are made by ME, its animations, its backend codes & logics are made by me, typed with my hand. I have 10000 points on Stack Overflow. I don’t lie in resume. I removed the projects and skills from resume which were copy paste, which were not mine”.

And for saying that i need to read docs, self practice, take algorithm challenges and make ugly insecure projects without copy pasting. Read Others github projects and make those projects By typing each line of codes after understanding only, without watching codes again and again.

The process of growth is hard. I want to live hard life. and never want to get retired.



I'm a developer and my work is development

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