React Native vs Flutter for App dev

React Native and Flutter both are the most famous programming technologies for developing android and IOS apps with a single CodeBase.

Also, both can be used to make Website and Desktop Applications.

In short, the answer is “Both are good, you can use any. If you have come from the Web Development sector, then React will be easier for you as it's based on javascript”

Facebook released React Native in 2015, It's a Javascript Framework. So if you are already good at Javascript, then you can just start with React Native.

Flutter is was made in December 2018 By Google I/O, It’s a framework of , and it's one of the fastest-growing programming languages of 2021 as like React.

According to Google Trends React is more famous then Flutter and Dart, Whereas the search results of React Native is less, that's because React is more used in Web development then the app development.

We can make both the frontend and backend of the website with the same codebase in ReactJs because it's based on Javascript.

The salary of both developers is nearly the same.

I will not explain much and just say “try both for 1–1 day, whatever you feel better just start it”,

Official Docs to learn:

They are like Intel & Ryzen processors, both are best, both are good.

Now it only depends on you, who use the Laptop.

Now it only depends on your hard work and smart work, and remember one thing “Keep learning and keep updated with the trends, you have to learn for entire life”.



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