Top Programming languages in 2021

  1. Dart
  2. Javascript & Typescript
  3. Kotlin (instead of Java)
  4. C++
  5. Python
  6. Rust
  7. C#


  • Can make IOS and android app with the same code with Flutter.
  • It’s a very easy, fast and a new language.
  • Need very less code to make anything.
  • Best for beginners due to easy syntax and simple deployment.
  • It’s trusted because it’s made by Google.
  • Fastest Growing programming language (As Per Github Survey)
  • Will be the top programming language in the future (~2022)
  • Heavy codes.e.g.-An Android & IOS app made with the Dart is of minimum size ~4MB and 10MB respectively.

Javascript & Typescript

  • We Can make website Frontend(Javascript/Typescript) & Backend(NodeJS)
  • We can also make Android IOS Windows macOS apps by using some Framework like React
  • Also, NodeJS is used in IoT/ML these days RaspberryPI+NodeJS is becoming a good combination to make IoT projects these days.
  • NodeJS is also used to make Bots, API, Extensions/Add-Ons, etc.
  • Also, there are many Frameworks and Libraries available to make codes shorter and programming easier in Javascript.
  • some beginners find it difficult to learn JS, So it’s the right language for beginners.
  • There are a lot of libraries and frameworks, and new technologies arrive every day, so you must keep upgrading and keep learning.

Kotlin (instead of Java)

  • Used to make Android Apps, embedded systems, macOS (and iOS is coming soon).
  • It’s easier and faster than Java.
  • It allows you to focus on expressing your ideas and write less boilerplate code.
  • Android apps that use Kotlin are 20% less likely to crash.
  • Kotlin is 100% interoperable with the Java programming language.
  • network calls and database updates simple and performant.
  • As Kotlin is new so it’s less used in big/old companies.
  • Its jobs are less than Java at present.


  • A lot of jobs are available in C++.
  • Used to make web applications, Games, Graphics & GUI based applications(e.g.-Adobe), Banking, Cloud, app development.
  • It is compiled, general-purpose, statically typed, case sensitive, and free-form programming language. It supports procedural, object-oriented, and generic programming. It is having a rich standard library with a rich set of functions manipulating files and methods manipulating data structures etc.
  • Absence of Garbage collector
  • Security Issues and built-in treads


  • It’s easy, fast, and less coding required.
  • Perfect for Beginners due to very simple syntax.
  • Used in Web Development, Game Development, Scientific and Numeric Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Software Development, etc.
  • Most widely used for ML/AI/IoT/IORT.
  • Its extensible and various varieties of libraries are available to improve its quality performance which makes it less codii.
  • Improve productivity & Readable
  • less useful on the client-side coding.
  • Python is dynamically-typed. This means that you don’t need to declare the type of variable while writing the code. It uses duck-typing. It can cause Run time errors.


  • Used in making game engines, operating systems, file systems, browser components, and simulation engines for virtual reality.
  • Rust is fast and memory-efficient due to no runtime or garbage collector.
  • It provides an integrated package manager and builds tools, smart multi-editor support with auto-completion and type inspections, an auto-formatter, etc.
  • Unlike other “safe” programming languages, Rust does not use garbage collection.





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