Web Developer VS App Developer

Actually, the best choice is “Be both app & web developer with 1 language and have some basic frontend web development knowledge”, we will discuss it in the last.

Before discussing web vs app developer, let’s have a look at the data and information


2.Numbers of website/apps

3.Programming Language

1.Salary at freelancing sites:

  • Payscale.com: the average salary for a mobile application developer as $71,072 per year vs. $53,036 for a web developer

2.The numbers of websites and apps in the world:

  • There are +2 billion websites present now on the internet, But less than 400 million are active.

3.Programming language

App Developers commonly use anyone these languages:

  • Java(Android)

Web Developers commonly use :

  • HTML+CSS(Frontend)

Web Developer


  • Number web developer is mote then app developer


  • Web developers have less salary (~30%) than app developers per project.

App Developer


  • Have a high salary per project.


  • neet more knowledge and effort to make apps

Be both Web and App developer

We can actually make both the website and app with a little bit more effort with just 1 programming language.

(Note: Yes we will definitely need HTML+CSS for web development)

Ways to make both website and app:-

way 1: JavaScript (ReactJS & React Native)

Javascript is commonly used for making frontend parts of the websites but now it has many frameworks by which we can make apps also.

One of those is React Native, It can be used to make both Android and IOS apps with just one code, also ReactJS which is similar to React Native can be used to make a Website with more security and low codes.

Way 2: Flutter/Dart

Dart is an awesome language made by google which can be used to make both Android and IOS apps with the same code, also we can make the backend of the website with it.

Way 3: Website and app builders

If u are lazy to learn programming languages then you can learn any website builder like WordPress, Wix, etc. && App Builder like google App Maker, to make app and website without coding.


  • You can double up your abilities and take up bigger projects.


  • You got more work so need to work hard

But, with more problems more success comes, so I suggest you to learn both Web and App Developer If you are ready for it.



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