Web Developer VS App Developer

  • Payscale.com: the average salary for a mobile application developer as $71,072 per year vs. $53,036 for a web developer
  • On other famous freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelance, Glassdoors the average salary of an app developer is ~$70,000 and a web developer is ~$50,000 per project.
  • There are +2 billion websites present now on the internet, But less than 400 million are active.
  • There are +1.8 million IOS apps available on Apple App Store
  • There are +2.7 million Android apps on Google Play Store.
  • Java(Android)
  • Kotlin(Android)
  • Dart+Flutter(Android+IOS)
  • Javascript-ReactNative(Android+IOS)
  • C++(IOS)
  • HTML+CSS(Frontend)
  • JavaScript(Frontend)
  • NodeJS(JS for backend)
  • PHP(backend+frontend)
  • C++(backend)
  • Java(backend)

Web Developer

  • Number web developer is mote then app developer
  • Web development takes less time to be developed most of the time.
  • Web Developer is considered to be easier then app development
  • It’s easier and has more opportunities as a beginner in the field of programming.
  • Web developers have less salary (~30%) than app developers per project.
  • more competition and SEO knowledge required for Web Development.
  • Automatic website makers are eating up the jobs of web developers. e.g.-WordPress, Wix website makers, etc.

App Developer

  • Have a high salary per project.
  • They are keep learning type peoples, u can take it as pros or cons.
  • Most of the app developers have knowledge of web development, for an app developer, it’s easy to learn web development.
  • neet more knowledge and effort to make apps
  • The salary of an app developer is overall 30% more than a web developer per project.
  • a little less competition than web developers, due to the lower number of app developers.

Be both Web and App developer

  • You can double up your abilities and take up bigger projects.
  • Chances of jobs for you rises 2X times.
  • Become more efficient, fast, and productive for 1 project
  • If you have any idea/Project which needs both app and web knowledge then you can start it alone in beginning.
  • You got more work so need to work hard
  • More code means more bugs and more problems



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