Which Programming Language to Learn First as a Beginner

Most of the beginners got confused to Choose between languages, and most of them get a doubt “Which programming language to learn first”.

In this Blog, you will get the right path to learn the right programming language.

Each and every Programming language has some pros and cons, but as a beginner, you can start with any of these languages.

  • c++ (for basics and logics)


// Your First C++ Program#include <iostream>int main() {
std::cout << "Hello World!";
return 0;

C++ the best for basics and logic, most of the programming languages have the same loops and basic code structure.c++ is easy & simple as compared to many other languages. So, as a simple and easy language, C++ is often in the syllabus of most of the college & school degrees for the beginning of the programming world for students.


# This program prints Hello, world!print('Hello, world!')

Python is considered to be an easy and fast to learn programming language because of its very simple code structure and vast usage in different branches of the computer world.

Most probably Python will be included in the syllabus of more and more schools/colleges in the future.


void main() {
print('Hello, World!');

dart is a new but fastest-growing programming language made by Google recently. It’s mostly used to make Android+IOS apps with the same code. It’s easier than Java & Kotlin which are used in android app development alone. But one of the down factors of this language is “U can’t edit the code in deep”, which is not a wrong thing.


// the hello world program
console.log('Hello World');

Javascript is the heart of Web Development, if you want to begin with website development then JavaScript is the best. Also, it can be used to make Android/IOS apps, Windows apps these days. But overall JS is best for Web Development along with NodeJS(Backend JS) and Dart is best for App development.


If u want to learn Web Development then learn Javascript

If u want to learn App Development then learn Dart

If u want to make your basics and Logics Stronger then learn C++ OR Python.

It doesn’t mean other languages are bad to learn first. It does only meant these languages are considered to be better for beginners as per my experience in the coding world.



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